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My journey so far

Yoga literally changed my life when I started practicing at a local class in 2013. I had spent years doing high impact sports and I started to require a ‘different outlet’ to exercise both my mind and body, whilst juggling a stressful job and running a family I was allowing life to get on top of me. A friend recommended I try yoga and from my first lesson I was addicted! It soon became a necessity to bring balance to my beautiful, yet crazy world.

Following a very tough period personally, I escaped on a ‘yoga retreat’ & was given an opportunity to study Hatha Yoga on a YA200 hr, Level 3 Diploma course in teaching. With no intention of educating anyone but myself about this intriguing discipline. But, slowly I fell in love with sharing the peace and nourishing benefits it gave to students both physically & mentally and there my teaching journey began on qualifying in 2016.

I feel incredibly blessed to be sharing my love of yoga with others and I learn every time I step on the mat, in addition, even more when I am off it through continuous study.  I am passionate about working with individuals, exploring what yoga can bring to ‘one’s entire well-being’…. To me yoga isn’t just about postures it’s about learning and sharing together finding equilibrium, peace & exploration of the inner self.

'Thank you for teaching me the most'


What is Hatha yoga & what to expect?

The word yoga means to yoke or union, the main principle for Hatha yoga leads to specific structured poses and other activities that help with mind and body ‘purification’, through principles like asana (postures), pranayama (subtle energy control), meditation and more.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga;

Hatha yoga can be a gentle yoga but shouldn’t be mistaken for easy since it can be challenging. My classes are varied and sequenced in a way that allows everyone to move from pose to pose, occasionally with more fluidity than others, which is dependent on the practice scheduled. They provide an opportunity to stretch, build strength within the body whilst release tension & unwind both mentally and physically. This practice is a compliment to today’s busy lifestyles and other forms of exercise, providing teachings to enhance flexibility and space within the body and mind, through connecting breath with movement. Other benefits such as:

  • Enhanced feeling of well-being

  • Improved posture and flexibility & strength

  • Reduction of anxiety and depression

  • Better sleep quality & improved concentration

  • Improved efficiency of lungs and cardio vascular system 

  • A spiritual sense of inner self

​All these contribute to the beautiful nourishing effects that Hatha yoga can have on the human body.



Timetable Class Details

  • Private

  • Corporate

  • Collective


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"Having seen the profound impact yoga has had on my wonderful friend Amanda I jumped at the chance to be her guinea pig while she was training. Having tried yoga a couple of times previously I had never really 'got' it and was a rather sceptical, but within weeks she had converted me. Amanda's passion and natural teaching ability makes it impossible not to enjoy every second on the mat, and now - a year on - I consider myself a total convert. I can't recommend Amanda enough, for both total beginners (she puts you totally at ease) and intermediates (she know how to push at the right pace). Her classes cater brilliantly for all levels and only one term in it's becoming very difficult to get a space! Practicing with Amanda has improved my strength & flexibility beyond expectations, but most importantly it has also helped my emotional well being, for which I am extremely thankful".

Alex O’Rourke March - 2017

"I am so blessed to have been introduced to Amanda, having practiced yoga with numerous teachers in the past, this time I actually feel a connection not only with her but also with the whole 'yoga thing'. Her instruction is thorough, describing how each asana should be achieved in each part of the body, I certainly know I've worked!  The meditation at the end of each session is relaxing and energising.  Spiritually I feel I have found me.  Thank you, Amanda, you are very special xx"

Denise Fenn - 2017

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